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Badia a Passignano
Badia a Passignano, located just outside Florence, is a nice day break from the busy city.
Baths of Rapolano
In Tuscany: an exploration of Crete, a beautiful healing centre, rich with history and monuments.
Bridges of Florence – First Part
Florence’s bridges have crushed down and been destroyed several times through history but they have always been rebuilt. During World War II all of them were destroyed, except for Ponte Vecchio. Nine-hundred meters on and around this bridge were indeed considered a protected artistic heritage area.
Bridges of Florence – Second Part
History, art, views and colours, characters and anecdotes, architects, people, districts and streets. The city’s treasures for everybody’s use and pleasure, among the past, the present and the future…
Crossroad of important religious channels such as la Via Francigena and la Via Volterrana, contended by cities such as Siena and Florence, Castelfiorentino is the cradle of art and politics.
Cerreto Guidi
Among the Tuscan hills, between Montalbano and the Arno, hospitable Cerreto Guidi is famous for its palace built on the orders of Cosimo I de’ Medici in the 16th century.
Terra cotta, the dark prisons and the house of a famous poet between the towers of this medieval town. The landscape and tastes of Valdelsan Florence.
From Barberino di Mugello to Pietramala
Festivals in September among the peaks of the Tuscan Apennines. We'll follow the ancient road of the grand duke (today SS 65) that since the 1600s has connected Tuscany with Emilia Romagna.
From Dicomano to Vicchio
Take a trip through the Mugello area, from Dicomano to Vicchio, home of Giotto and Beato Angelico. Here you will find small churches and parishes, rich with art from the Middle Ages to the 19th century.
From Florence to Certaldo - 2nd stop
When you reach the end of San Casciano turn right, towards Certaldo (22 km). The road winds pleasingly through the countryside, and then climbs the hill to San Pancrazio.
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