A SOUTH head

At the Nelson Mandela Forum in Florence, it’s possible to admire the permanent exhibition of the freelance journalist and reporter Marco Quinti photos, specializing in the creation of reports of strong social impact. Looking at the pictures taken in different continents: Brazil, Tanzania, Bosnia, Kenya, India, begins a unique and exciting journey through unspoiled places where life is completely different, and the harsh realities of every day, not sparing women and especially men children. And the child are the protagonists of these pictures so real and touching, the innocent victims of disease, poverty and abandonment. Marco Quinti wants to give voice to the smaller creatures offenses from disease, forced to work, enslaved and sold by the same families, who try to scrape together a little money, but despite everything they still have smiles on their faces and know how to rejoice in simple things. In third world countries the right to education does not exist, health care does not exist, there is only the total denial of these rights. There are countries that still bear the consequences of wars in Cambodia, where Emergency built a hospital for victims of landmines, or in Bosnia where, after ten years the signs of war are still visible and there is also alives.Ma l ' emergency diseases, hunger, affecting India, Taz-Mania, Brazil, countries where, in addition to the major tourist resorts, in addition to luxurious resorts, the reality is one of disease, deprivation and hunger. These photographs they want to be a source of reflection, and giving voice to those who have none, tell how the screw is totally different to the South, where children have nothing, living in shacks, surrounded by poverty, but they still light up their looks of joy.

Nelson Mandela Forum
V.le Paoli 3 Florence