CRYSTAL: a stunning exhibition of 500 pieces at the Specola of Florence.

Was extended until 30 June 2010, shows crystals exhibited at the Museum of Natural History at the University of Florence. The collection is the fruit of the passion for minerals physicist Albert Giazotto, who kidnapped the magic of crystals, since his childhood began to collect these outstanding specimens, succeed in having a "healthy and amiable maniaā€¯. Thanks to the curiosity aroused by the underground world of minerals, which Giazotto since his youth has watched with interest as rocks and crystals, to seek among the antique shops and enrich the years his collection, which today includes a large number of items.
Giazotto undertook long journeys to indulge his passion, always in search of rare and precious. He purchased the samples all over the world, addressing miners in China, Brazil, Pakistan, but has also acquired complete collections like those of Titta Ruffo in 1984 (1500 copies), and that of Gerlando Bernardo. In recent years, this strong interest led him to devote increasing attention and time in search of specimens straordianri, provenant from Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and China. Research all these years have given rise to a rich collection of single crystals, the crystal of gypsum Niccioleta (Tuscany), the sample of cuprite Onganja (Namibia), the Elbe in Coronel Murta (Brazil), the great Elbaite dossier Paprok (Afghanistan). It will also be possible to see crystals of gypsum on sulfur groups celestine blue on orange sulfur, aragonite and special pieces of amethyst, a path that guides visitors to the deck of a world as mysterious as fascinating, where nature is the artist of each unique work of art. .

Information: Hours: 9:30 to 16:30
Closed Monday