D’AFRICA: the personal and careful look of Jacopo Course Cresti

From 4 November up to November 28, near the library of the Palagio of Perte Guelfa in Florence, it will be possible to admire the photographic releases of the Veterinarian and photographer Jacopo Corsi Cresti. A man, veterinarian of profession and lover of the photo, that has made of her passion for the animal world the live motiv of trips, and that he has decided to tell with respect and emotion what he has seen and lived. The fleeing meetings with zebras, lions, cheetahs, elephants, giraffes, reported in a silent trip among the landscapes of Africa, that it captures the beauty and at the same time the strength of the animals that he live . An exciting trip that he remembers and it tells some gorillas of mountain of Namibia, of the lemuris of the Medagascar, and of all the animals of the continent, met on break down of water's courses, forests and endless expanses. A show that expresses above all the tenderness and the love of the photographer for these splendid animals that are made to immortalize, but also the happiness to undertake trips in unbelievable earths to the search of unusual meetings with special creatures
From 4 to November 28 th 2009 I plaster free: Monday - Friday times 9.00/ 18.30 and Saturday from her 9.00 / 13.00.