El color of Mexico: collective eshibition of Mexican artists

Tuesday, December 1, will be inaugurated at the palace of the Guelph Party, with the Youth Orchestra concert in Florence, conducted by Janet Zadow, the exhibition: El color of Mexico: Mexican art collective.
The exhibition presents the works of nine very important Mexicans artists . The various works on display, are characterized by a strong visual impact, which affects intense and bright hues. Fernando Adnriacci (Mexico, 1972) paints with colors and sprime important moments of joy.
Marcela Navarrete (Mexico, 1965), creates and lives in art so bold and violent, his creations express a deep emotional transport. Armando Guerrero, paints landscapes, gardens, woods mazes, with an espressive and strong language. Andrea Romero (Mexico, 1988), painted works that highlight the emotional charge and instinctive. Participate in the exhibition also Mayte Guzman, Vicente Mesinas, Carlos Vivar (Mexico, 1964), Ana Santos, Juan Torra. the exhibition will end on 10 December with a concert by the Ensemble Vocal Poly Opera, directed by Raffaele Cuccianti.

Location: palace of Guelph Part (Part Square Guelph, Florence)
Hours 9.30/12.30 - 14.30/18.30. Free admission.