Fashion and Science in Florence of Pietro Leopoldo From 5 December 2009 to February 5, 2010

The exhibition is held at the Library of Oblate and offers a look at the eighteenth-century Florentine, under the leadership of Grand Duke Peter Leopold (1747/1792), who became famous in history for his great openness towards knowledge and innovations that brought in pedagogical.
The exhibition offers the lavish costumes and copies of scientific instruments, which covered the Grand Duke of Lorena.This original meeting between fashion and science, presents a journey to discover the many facets of society of the time, and fashion of the times. The tailors, who were making these sumptuous garments with hand looms, had specific technical knowledge and use special measuring instruments, to achieve these clothes. All the elegant haute couture creations are being designed by Andrea Gori, an expert on fabrics, which has faithfully reproduced the clothing according to the fashions of the eighteenth sec.per Rubelli the company, which specializes in making vintage clothes.
An interesting route that shows the unusual aspects of the fashion era, and provides an important analysis on the company, costumes, even ecstatic fees of the eighteenth century in Florence.

Library of Oblate
Via Oriuolo 26
Hours: Monday 14.00-24.00
Tuesday to Saturday: 9.00-24.00
Closing: 8-24-25-26-31 December, 1 - 6 January 2010