“Florence BedTime Stories” from 5 december to 9 january

Feltrinelli Internetional, Saturday, December 5th, 17.00, inaugurates the photo exhibition by Paolo Contaldo titled: Florence Bed Time Stories. The photographic project shows through ten shots, the Florence nightlife, which changes the face and offers fabulous scenery and magical, natural set of movies, where everything is possible, everything is imaginable. The pictures shows a different city from that day, in which fantasy and imagination paint the city at night of endless possibilities and nuances. Goes from reality to the world of fiction, where everything is possible. In this visionary world, you find the charm of this city at night, and the magic of the tale, which allows the viewer to see reality today with a look of curious and amazed, almost childish. The look in very interesting places in Florence, finds space to imagine any possible reality, to invent stories, to create characters ever to enter into new and ideal world. Research staff photographer Paolo Contaldo, focuses on analyzing the relationship between body shape and identity and on the look of nighttime urban settings.
Paolo Contaldo, Photographer, graphic artist, web designer, lives and works in Florence.

Feltrinelli International Via Cavour, 12
Hours: Mon - Sat 9-19,30
Opening Saturday, December 5 at 17