Furrows of old world: 21 November 2009 - April 22, 2010

The young painter Chiara Silva, present your personal exhibition: "Furrows of old world" at the Palazzo Borghese in Florence. The artist, born in Bollate in 1983, works in Milan and graduated at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera. His talent has enabled her to participate since 2004 in several national art shows, and his first solo exhibition was held in Milan at the Studio of Visual Arts in 2008, Comerio, the same year he won the Prize of the Arts Prize Culture twentieth edition. She was present in the art scene with different interests and in 2009 he exhibited his second solo exhibition entitled "The Paradise of change" in Rome, at the Central Ristotheatre. Today with his latest exhibition of art, offers the public 40 works of great visual impact, full of quick movements, flashing between colors, skies and clouds. Scraps of Heaven, playing between tonality and rhythmic forms from the intensity of the images, and through the plurality of surfaces, convey emotions throbbing and enveloping. Leaden sky, pierced by flashes of light, showing dynamism and movement and transmit power and transport. Through the works of Clare Silva, you feel a strong bond with nature, which in its infinite volubility expressing quantities and involvement. So through the skies, clouds, turbulence and horizons, in a series electrical pulante color, expresses a deep inner strength, that by dark skies and sunrises, anxieties and harmonies, expresses the eternal realize the infinite. The exhibition confirms 'author as one of the most promising young art scene more lively and interesting today.

Palazzo Borghese
Via Ghibellina 110n 50122 Florence
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Hours: Monday to Saturday 9.00 am / 17.00