Giorgio De Chirico. The metaphysical dream in Florence

In Florence, from 13 November to 30 January 2010, you can admire some of the works of painter Giorgio de Chirico, one of the greatest Italian exponents of current metaphysics. The exhibition "Giorgio de Chirico. The metaphysical dream in Florence "was staged at Shenker Culture Club, and in 2010 will be exhibited in Rome and Turin. De Chirico has always had a close relationship with Florence, a city that inspired him to create his first opera metaphysics: an afternoon Autumn Enigma (1910). The exhibition includes 30 works, including lithographs, engravings and etchings, hand-colored or black and white, all authenticated by the author, with title written in his fist and stamp of Casa De Chirico. The works span the years 1941 to 1976, come from the collection of Brasilia Pellegrinelli, and many of these are rehearsal pictures, then become masterpieces. The course covers all the subjects covered by the creative genius of De Chirico, and captures effectively the feelings, ideas, feelings that have accompanied the artist on the creation of his paintings.
Those performances are the most known and retrace the process of philosophical painter: Squares of Italy, the Mysterious Baths, dummies, horses, classical mythology. Among the works on display you can see, The Archaeologist (1927), The dancers, Hector and Andromache (1917), The Fountain of mystery, masks, Place d'Italy (1915), Orestes and Pylades, I cleared, the Vestal Virgins Zeus, Self-portrait in costume, scary The Muse (1917), Internal metaphysical, Il Trovatore's room mystery, Perseo.The exhibition will be a 'good opportunity to rediscover the production of the author and get a sense of his artistic thought .

Where: Shenker Culture Club - Viale Matteotti 60, Florence.
Duration: From 13 November 2009 to January 30, 2010

Exhibition hours: Monday to Friday 10.00-19.00, Saturday 10.00-12.00

Free Admission