Masterpieces of the Uffizi, in the exhibition of the Oratory of St. Catherine of Wheels.

From September 19 until 31 December, at the exhibition "The City Square", you can admire the extraordinary 12 works, from the Uffizi, and high museums and private collections. The scenic location that will host the exhibit is the 'three hundred of the oratory of St. Catherine of Wheels, surrounded by the peace of Bagno di Ripoli, a marvelous green hills near Florence. A place surrounded by nature, rich in history and 'art, where you can admire the frescoes of St. Catherine, made by Spinello Aretino, but now shows the public for the first time, extraordinary works, from the Uffizi Gallery, the Museo Nazionale di Villa Giungi of Lucca, the Museum of Sacred Art of Incisa, the Museum dell'Opera di Santa Croce and from different private collections. A fascinating exhibition, which will star the newly restored triptych Madonna and Child enthroned between St. Philip and St. Lawrence, Christ Blessing, the announcement of Agnolo Gaddi. Are also on display, the famous triptych by Spinello Aretino, from the National Gallery of Villa Giungi in Lucca, another star of the late fourteenth century Tuscan painting, along the Madonna and Child and two angels and yuor sinopia. Will then show the works of two authors of the oldest decorations of the cloister; Maestro Barberino, and Pietro Nelli. The Master of Barberino, will show the public an Majesty with two Saints, in the chapel of the Medieval Civic Cadenzano, hitherto unknown, and two works from private collections: the Madonna and Child Enthroned and Saints John the Evangelist and James the Great and the Madonna and Child with a saintly bishop and San Michele. The author will be represented instead by Pietro Nelli Annunciation belongs to a private collection and some detached frescoes from Santa Croce in Florence. The aim of the exhibition is to promote and enhance the places involved, in order to inform and acquaint the public to areas Intron A Florence, full of significant historical and artistic heritage, in this regard there will parallel efforts: concerts, theater and many other initiatives related to the natural world.
City Uffizi
The Oratorio di Santa Caterina all'Antella and its painters
19 September to 31 December 2009
Oratorio di Santa Caterina, Via del Carota
Antella - Bagno a Ripoli (Florence)