Mentana Gallery Dorian van Braam and Marco Garofano

From 21 November 2009 to December 5, 2010, the seat of the Gallery of Modern Art, receives the works of young artists Dorian van Braam and Marco Garofano.
The authors want to analyze the inner aspect of 'human soul and try to portray the weaknesses, the fears that afflict modern human.
Dorian Van Braan is a young English artist and his works will convey a sense of loneliness and anxiety that a man feels. The dark colors, the figures still show the desolation which afflicts the man. There is little room for hope, all his works describe a life tormented souls of voids, which haven’t the spirituality. Marco Garofalo trying to photograph, through his work, the cold emptiness of modern society, where the appearance is exaggerated mirror of anything that lives in people. In the continuous display of themselves, vanity is only the shield through which he tried unsuccessfully, to hide weaknesses, and fears that instead denounce the inevitable smallness within.
An artistic, human ego that tries to dig in search of a glow that can dispel the fears and fragility of man.

Piazza Mentana, 2/3r

Hours: 11.00/13.00- 16.00/19.30
Closed Sunday and Monday morning