Symposion, the civilization of wine from prehistory to contemporary.

The Archaeological Museum of Florence until 10 January 2010, houses an exhibition on the nectar of the gods, and its role in ancient times. The event is set in a broader context that comes with the willingness to report and learn the basic steps for the development of wine and better understand its role from history to today. The project has proposed symposium conferences, seminars and exhibitions to bring together international experts and enthusiasts, the drink of Bacchus, and understand well the importance of interaction between the various aspects, history, culture, territory and trade. The typical characteristics of the product, manufacturer, and must serve to protect the territory and especially to ensure production quality and to exploit the regions, implementing the tourism sector also. The exhibition: Symposium, the civilization of wine from prehistory to the contemporary age, crown the path of the initiative, offering a journey through the history of wine. The exhibition in fact consists of a section iconographic and literary evidence of the role of wine in the history of certain exhibits used during the symposia of the Greek and Etruscan vases as a banquet, ceramic decorations dedicated to the world of wine, god Dionysus, slabs of terracotta, bronzes and pots always vinicolo.La theme exhibition offers a journey through time to discover the wine and its place of celebration, and communion that still characterizes it.