Uffizi Gallery: Fast and region. Art of the eighteenth century in Florence.

Has been extended until 13 December the exhibition: "Pump and region. Art of the eighteenth century in Florence ", in progress at the Galleria degli Uffizi, a sumptuous and fascinating event, which tells of the artistic and cultural inclinations of Florence in the eighteenth century. The show would, as after the end of the dynasty of the Medici, the city of Florence has continued fervent interest in remaining open to any art form, and has been a landmark for all the artists that during the eighteenth century were greeted by this city, and here they have produced great masterpieces. This overview of 120 works, including sculptures, paintings and furniture, it traces the entire century, and expresses the trends, tastes, artistic movements that were to create the dawn of the first glimmers of the Enlightenment. It works rats from private collections and several Italian and foreign museums, through which you can capture the transition from late Baroque to the Enlightenment gorgeous. Even in the eighteenth century Florence kept his openness to the new artistic input, even from outside, and continued to be a prestigious center for Italian art. Major contributions were given by the commissions of Cosimo III and the strong patronage of the Grand Prince Ferdinand, who invited artists in Florence "foreigners" as the Venetian Sebastiano Ricci (1659-1734), the Bolognese Giuseppe Maria Crespi (1665-1747) and the Genoese Alessandro Magnasco, or by the Grand Duke Peter Leopold d 'Habsburg-Lorraine, which reformed the statutes of the Academy, where he worked great artists like Peter Pedroni, Innocent Spinazzi, Francesco Corridori. The exhibit summarizes the performance of major works through the key stages of the entire century, and who most times they met and claimed to give birth to new artistic influences, and revive production and the dialectic of art.
Exposure divides us nine sections: "The magnificent legacy of the Baroque Medici," "The masters of the new generation," "The 'foreigners' in Florence and the renewal of genres," "Mythology and history to filter rococo style," " New perspectives of history painting and religious art, "" bizarre and gallantry during the Enlightenment, "" The landscape between memory and objective view, "" classical ideal of the Enlightenment and Culture in Florence by Pietro Leopoldo "," The international neo-classicism of the century. "
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