Under the Leaning Tower

Among the historical towns of Tuscany, Pisa deserves a particular mention. And not only for its Leaning Tower which is probably one of the most known “icons” of Italian Antique monuments.
In medieval times, Pisa was one of the most powerful Italian Towns, specially those particularly courages ones that fought their way through the sea, known as the “Repubbliche Marinare”, the “Republics of the Seas!” .

Its ships, like the ones of  Venice, Genova and Amalfi, traveled and traded all over the known seas, enriching the merchants, the ruling class and the entire town. Quite obviously the Pisan fleet had to fight quite frequently against the Arab Pirates and the Turkish empire. But the real big troubles for Pisa came from the other Italian towns. Defeated on the sea by the fleet of the Republic of Genova, Pisa had also to defend herself from the growing power of Florence: battle after battle the town of the Lily (Florence) finally came to rule all over Tuscany.

But in its golden years Pisa hosted some of the most relevant artists of Medieval Age and the result is a unique and beautifully decorated town. The artist that came to work in Pisa created the “Romanico-Pisano” style that quickly became a world hit of the times. The Leaning Tower was a product of that age, but many other monuments such as the Duomo and the Battistero still stand in the same “Piazza dei Miracoli” (= “The Plaza of Miracles”).

The power of Florence and the irony of nature relegated the town to a second class position. Pisa had once a favourable position as a port on the banks of the Arno River, very near to the mouth of the river on the Tirenian Sea, but the sands carried day by day by the river slowly pushed away the shores from the town. Now days Pisa rests more than 20 km from the sea!)

But walking in its narrow medieval streets you can still encounter traces and vestiges of those times. And even in the open country around you can find incredible monuments standing in beautiful loneliness such as the Church of “San Pietro a Grado” still testifying the antique glory of the town.

But a sojourn in Pisa doesn’t mean you have to think only about art history! The near coast has many interesting tourist locations such as Tirrenia with sandy and comfortable beaches or Catiglioncello that has rocky shores with crystal clear waters. And traveling a little South on the coast (about 50 km) you can find the producing zones of some of the best known and precious Tuscan Wines, the 'Sassicaia'.  Take a look at the pages about Bolgheri and Castagneto Carducci ...

And here are some suggestions for your vacation in Pisa. You also book a guided tour to Pisa

Hotel Ristorante da Carlos
Hotel Da Carlos is situated on the slopes of the lucchesi hills. It's only few Kms from the historical town of Lucca 'about 6 Kms' and Pisa 'about 10 Kms'.
Near the sea and the mountains, the hotel has a strategic position. It is possible to visit in just minutes by car, the most beautiful places in Tuscany: Pisa, Lucca, Viareggio, Forte dei Marmi, and more.

Airone Pisa Park Hotel in San Giuliano Terme - one of the most beautiful and antique Spa resorts of Tuscany.
The Airone Pisa park is a good base for your Holiday in Tuscany Next to the Pisa City center but far from noises, between Pisa and Lucca in San Giuliano Terme district famous for his thermal bath and health treatments.

Hotel Repubblica Marinara
The Hotel Repubblica Marinara is a new four-star hotel located just 800 metres from the marvellous Lungarni (the banks of the Arno river, the same one the passes through Florence!), from the fresh and tree lined 'Viale delle Piagge'

Villa Argentieri - 500 meters from the Leaning Tower

Grand Hotel Duomo - Fifty meters from the leaning tower

And a little south, nearby the sea but on a hillside with an astonishing position:
Hotel La Vedetta - Montenero di Livorno

Hotel San Francesco. The Hotel is located in Tirrenia, a nice locality of the Pisan Coast

Hotel Medusa situated in the middle of the pinewoods that lie off the Tyrrhenian coast

Residence Borgo San Carlo
Residence Borgo San Carlo is situated in the wonderful Tuscany hills at few kilometers from the beautiful beaches of Vada, Cecina, Castigliocello, Scogliera del Romito, Riva degli Etruschi and many others.

And if you are interested in a completely relaxing vacation “farm style” here are a few other suggestions near Pisa:

L'Imposto” in the middle of one the most characteristic Tuscan landscapes, 30 minutes from Pisa and from the beaches of “Cecina”

And if you want to explore all the possibility of Farm Holidays just visit our pages dedicated to rural vacations.

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