Florence: a guide for travelers.

Traveling to Florence
Florence, the main town of Tuscany, is just at the center of Italy: 300 km south from Milan and 280 north from Rome.
Thatís way Florence offers easy access: a couple of hours are enough to reach Florence international Airport from all major European hubs, which may also provide comfortable connections from all over the world as well. Florence, owing to its position, has also fast and efficient rail and motorway connections with the rest of the country.

Moving in Florence
The city centre is relatively small, and great part of the attractions are in the very center or in nearby areas, thus you can visit great part of the town by foot. But be careful! Donít forget to watch out for speeding cars and moped traffic, and cross all streets with extreme caution.

Here is a little travel guide for those who are planning to visit Florence.

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