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Florence beats Rome and Venice: in 2006 the Florentine museums registered the highest record ever of visitors. They reached as a matter of fact number 9.518.956, with an increase of the 8,8%. 

Relating to the Uffizi Gallery, the most visited Italian Museum, owing to the new rues the maximum of accepted visitors at the same time is now grown up to 900, and this has lowered a little more the entrance queues. The rest of the magic has been made by the exhibition about Leonardo da Vinci. The result is exceptional: the Uffizi Gallery registered 321.676 visitors more than in 2005 (increase of the 24%). 1.663.438 presences represent the new record in the history of the Florentine museum.

The Bargello National Museum registered an increase of 18%, thanks also to the Giambologna exhibition. Good the numbers also for the Academy Gallery (+5,1%), - where the Michelangelo’s David is - most of all in autumn. Also the visitors of the Davanzati Palace had a good increase, even if it has been just re-opened. Good increase also for the Museum of San Marco, the Medici Chapels, the Cenacolo of Andrea Del Sarto, the one of the Ghirlandaio and the 'Chiostro dello Scalzo'.

In the list of the Museums in Florence which in 2006 increased their visitors there are also the Stibbert Museum (+33,5%) (Museum of ancient weapons and armors), the Archaeological Museum (+26,1%), the Museum of Natural History (+26%), the Museum Marino Marini, (+26%), the Bibliotheque Medicea Laurenziana (+51,9%), The Florentine Museum of Prehistory (+21,4%) and the Gallery of the 'Spedale degli Innocenti' (+32%).
Increasing results also for the Museum of Jewish Art and History, the Museum of Siviero House, the Factory of the Hard Stones, the Football Museum, Dante's House. (Take a look at the complete list of Florentine Museums on 

Perhaps the most positive result come from the province of Florence and precisely from the Museums of the Empoli - Val d'Elsa zone. for which a pass card has been created, valid for every Museum - had almost 50.000 visitors (104,6%). Many people could in this way discover the treasures of Certaldo, Castelfiorentino, Empoli, Cerreto Guidi, Fucecchio, Montelupo, Montespertoli, Montaione.

And here is the Hit Parade of the twenty most visited museums in Florence and its province.
The first nineteen positions are unchanged. The new comer in the twentieth position, previously held by the Fiesole Museum, there is now the Davanzati Palace, which has almost gained the nineteenth position held by the Museum of the Science History.

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