Brunch in Florence

The brunch is not a typical italian meal. This American style meal has come from United States.

But recently also florentine people are enjoying the 'breakfast-lunch'.
In fact, many restaurants, wine bars, hotels have included in their menu this option.

On sundays you can choose your favourite brunch in Florence.

In some places you can order egg and bacon, served with a rich breakfast (cornflakes, pancakes, juices, brioches) and coffee. And pay for every dish you order. In other places there's a sort of fee and you can eat everything you want. Sunday mornings are the perfect moments to sit with friends and enjoy a tasteful brunch. There are brunches at Finis Terrae, Angel Restaurants, Zona 15, Hemingway, Hotel Sofitel, The Fusion Bar (shozan art gallery) from 12 am to 3 pm..

Some luxury hotels offer a rich (and expensive) brunch. More than a Brunch it is a sumptuous banquet.  The price rivals that of a full lunch or dinner, but that is simply because the quality of the food and the preparation is just as high as at any other meal.  
One of the richest brunch in Florence is at Rifrullo, in San Niccolò (55r). In the summer garden, near the ancient walls of Florence you can choose between 2 options without limits of quantity:

- mini brunch (from 11.00 to 12.30) for 9 euros you can have coffee, egg and bacon, brioches, cornflakes and milk, ham and cheese, pancakes, juices..

- super brunch (from 12.30 to 15.30) for 20 euros you can eat all you can. Different kind of pasta, beef, vegetables, potatos, indian or japanese specialities, many types of cheese and hams, sauces (italian 'crostini') with bread, fruit, and a selection of gorgeous cakes and sweeties.

You can book your seat calling the +39 55 234 2621


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