Advice: Bottle Water vs. Tap water

Some times little tips and personal experiences may proof to be useful (and amusing)

Florence is admired for the marvels the Renaissance has left, soccer, food, but as a member of Italy, it can also brag about being the number one consumer of bottled water in Europe!

Italians enjoy their water and they can choose from a variety of brands. The good news is that even with bottled waterís popularity, it is still cheap to purchase. A half liter of water at the supermarket might cost only 50 cents!

However, be careful when roaming around tourist attractions since you wonít be able to find the same deal. There are many supermarkets in Florence (Esselunga, Coop, Il Centro). This isnít to say that the tap water is bad. In fact, it is perfectly drinkable. If you are looking to save a few euros, you can ask a waiter at a restaurant for tap water. One might think this is an obvious thing to ask, but many people while traveling in Italy assume that it is only possible to get bottled water. Donít be scared to ask for tap, just be sure to be quick! Waiters often times will open a bottle before you even bother to ask.

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