Florence Rose Garden

A garden with a wonderful view

Florence is not only the cradle of arts, the city has a lot of gardens where you can enjoy nature and spend a nice day. One of most beautiful is “Il giardino delle rose” (The roses garden), located very near Piazzale Michelangelo (Michelangelo square). Laying on a hill with an exceptional view this garden offers a great variety of plants, some of them quite unusual in Florence like water lilies, but most remarkable of all are the roses collections that make of this garden a really unique experience.

Il “giardino delle rose” is an open space meant to be a place where people can relax surrounded by flowers and green lawns and enjoy Florence from a special point of view. As a matter of fact you can find there a man reading quietly a book, an old lady playing with her grandson, a young couple kissing, a boy studying without his t-shirt, three foreign girls sunbathing on the lawn, people taking pictures to the roses and to the panorama.

And all of them have a huge and silent partner who looks at them from the distance: the “Brunelleschi dome”.

This isn’t quite a normal garden. It’s a perfect space to chill out and enjoy nature while relaxing and enjoying one of the most magnificent views of Florence.

Antonio Alcantara Moral

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