Wedding in Tuscany

Tie the knot in Tuscany

Wedding in Florence or generally speaking in Tuscany has never been so easy. You donít need to live in Tuscany for ages, as because there are no residency requirements. Whether you decide to tie the knot in the city council of Florence, Palazzo Vecchio, in the stunning red room or in a beautiful church in Florence or in its immediate surroundings, you are sure that you will have the wedding of the lifetime!
Many US, British and Japanese have already decided to marryin Florence†and the reasons are multiple. Marrying in Italy does not costs as marrying in their origin country: food, drink, facilities offer always a good quality for average prices; if you marry in Italy you can combine a family reunion and an unforgettable honey moon in Southern Italy, for example, or cruising along the Mediterranean coasts; marrying in Tuscany could be very romantic and less stressful because you can contact a Wedding Planner who arrange everything for you, from the documents to caterers, from the reception to the photographer, from searching the perfect location to the wedding favors. You donít need to be Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to marry in Italy, after all!

US citizens:

American citizens must have a valid passport, birth certificate and a permission to marry (nulla osta). These documents must be translated into Italian and to be legal, the translation must be given by the Apostille stamp by the secretary of State in the State each document was originally issued, then obtain an Atto Notorio from an Italian consul in the US. This must been obtain and sworn by two witnesses. When you finally arrive in Italy you will sign another declaration this time sworn by the US consul in Italy stating there is no impediment to your marriage. Legalization of the Nulla Osta must be done by the office of the Prefecture.

British Citizens:

you must publish the banns at your local registry office in England. After 23 days of these publications of Banns the registry office releases a Certificate of Non Impediment.
When you come here to Italy you must bring this original document so that the Nulla Osta (sworn statement) can be done at the British Consulate. If you have been previously married and are divorced you must bring the 'Divorce Decree Absolute'
The following documents must be presented to the British consulate (also via correspondence).
- Certificate of non impediment
- Originals of full birth certificate which must include names of both parents
- Photocopy of passports and after a couple days the Consulate will release the necessary documents for you to marry.†

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