San Marco Museum

Built in 1866 and then opened to the public in 1869, after long structural and fresco restoration projects, the Museo di San Marco is open and houses the largest collection of sacred art in Florence.

The San Marco museum course begins with the Cloister of Sant' Antonino designed by Michelozzo. On the right of the entrance to the 14th century cloister, is the entrance to the Hospice, at one time used for welcoming guests and providing shelter for pilgrims. Today it houses the paintings of Beato Angelico. The first 14th century altar pieces, such as the Pala di San Marco and the Pala di Annalena were made by the famous artist. Nearby is the Grand Refectory which houses religious works from the XVI and XVIII centuries. An entire wall is occupied by a fresco by Giovanni Antonio Sogliani, sharing the space with a collection of works of Mariotto Albertinelli. Next is the Sala del Lavabo where the frescos of Beato Angelico and Paolo Uccello underline the sacredness of the environment. From here access is given into the Sala di frà Bartolomeo, dedicated to the Baccio della Porta, and then to the Sala di Alessio Baldovinetti, which houses the Stendardo which gets its name from the stendardo, or standard, which in times past was carried in procession, made by Baldovinetti and portraying Sant'Antonino in adoration of the Crucifix. The course continues with the Sala del Capitolo which is dominated by the Crucifixion by Angelico; a work of great artistic depth that transmits great spiritual energy. Continuing on with the Small Refectory or the Sala del Cenacolo (Last Supper) where one can admire the Last Supper by Ghirlandaio. The following rooms belong to the Foresteria, dedicated to ancient Florence and the works that she produced. On the floor above, closed within the parameters of the Cloister of Sant'Antonino, are the cells of the cloistered monks who lived in the monastery. The small cells are decorated with frescos of religious subject matter by Beato Angelico: Crucifixions and Depositions that recall the penitence of the monks. There is the splendid Annunciation at the entrance, believed by most to be his most important artistic creation. The course ends with the Cells of Savanarola: three rooms in which the famous priest lived. Near the entry way on the first floor is the Library created in accordance with the design by Michelozzo. The library has three small naves: the two lateral naves with crossed vaulting and the central nave with its barrel vault. Originally the library contained 64 benches for the consultation and work in miniature of the monks. Today it jealously houses antiques, missals, parts of sacred hymns and miniature texts labored over with extreme patience by artists such as Beato Angelico, one of whom's miniature missals is preserved there as well as those of other monks whom seem to be right beside the visitor, the visitor who is amazed by their extreme precision.

Indirizzo: Piazza San Marco, 1 - Firenze
Biglietto: 4,00 €
Riduzioni: - 2,00 €
Orario apertura: 8.15 - 13.50; on Saturday 8,15- 18.50
Chiusura: Mondays
Telefono: 055.2388606