Silver Museum- Pitti Palace

The Museum of the Grand ducal Treasure or of the Silvers, occupies the left wing of Palazzo Pitti, the summertime residence of the Medici court. Established in the 19th century, it is presently directed by Dr. Marilena Mosco. The 25 fascinating rooms exhort the visitor to a careful study of the precious collections. Most of the objects come from the famous Treasure of Saltsburg, which was brought to Florence by Ferdinando III di Lorena, while the hard stone vases belong to the collections of Pietro and Lorenzo de Medici.

The route begins from the Room of Luca Pitti, which hosts 8 Medici busts and the genealogic tree of the Medici Family. You, therefore, enter the Room frescoed by Giovanni da San Giovanni. The third is Lorenzo's Room or the Dark Room, which contains a few objects, which belonged to Lorenzo de Medici. Through the small Chapel you enter the three big Rooms of Representation, the only rooms which were frescoed and used to host the visitors of the Grand-dukes. Continuing with the Room of the Ivories, which come from the war spoils consequent to the siege of Coburgo and the Room of Ivories and Shrines from the chapel of Palazzo Pitti. A secret stairway leads to the first floor, the heart of the treasure of the Museum: the Rooms of the Cameos and of the Jewels which belonged to Anna Maria Luisa de Medici. The two following rooms contain the treasure of Saltsburg. Through the small Lodge, you reach the Oriental Room and the Room of the Chinese and Japanese chinaware, which lead you to the Room of the Donations and the Room of the plaster casts of big silver plates. Returning to the ground floor you'll find the precious collection of ambers and, at last, the Room of the Hard stones.

Indirizzo: Piazza Pitti, 1 - Firenze
Biglietto: 6,00
Riduzioni: The ticket includes Porcelain Museum and Boboli Garden -
Orario apertura: 8.15 - 16.30
Chiusura: First and last Monday of the month
Telefono: 055.2388710