Collegiata di Sant'Andrea

The Collegiata di Sant'Andrea is one of the most important churches in Empoli. It was built around 1093, according to an inscription on the façade's trabeation. Through the centuries both the façade and the interior underwent relevant changes. The current appearance is due to important works in the XVIIIth century by the architect Ruggeri, who eliminated the partition in naves and elevated the interior. The saddleback roof instead comes from yet another change between 1802 and 1803, when two marble wings were added above the weathering and therefore the tympanum was enlarged. The interior contains artworks of great historical-artistic interest. Near the main altar, dating back to 1785 and attributed to Zanobi del Rosso, is a triptych depicting the Madonna enthroned between Saints Martin, Andrew, Agatha and John the Baptist, by Lorenzo di Bicci. There are numerous liturgical accessories such as chalices, crosses, reliquaries, vestments from the XVIth to XIXth century. The Chapel of San Lorenzo, where the Museum was located originally, is now a sacristy. Finally, it contains illuminated manuscripts from the XIIIth to XVIth century. The Collegiata houses an ancient ecclesiastical museum.

Principali opere presenti: Liturgical vestments and church plate from the XVI-XIXth century; illuminated manuscripts from the XIIIth to XVIth century; triptych by Lorenzo di Bicci; Ecclesiastical museum with paintings and statues from the XVIth and XVth century.

Indirizzo: Piazza Farinata - Empoli
Orario apertura: 9.00 - 12.00 a.m; 4.00 - 7.00 p.m
Ingresso: 2.58 €
Ingresso ridotto: 1,03 € - 1,55 € school groups; groups (10 persons min.).
Telefono: 0571.757729