Pieve di S. Lazzaro a Lucardo

This church, known since the VIIIth century as Parish of S. Leonardo, was modified in the IXth and Xth century. Many other churches were tributary to the parish, which reached an elevated level of richness and control over the surrounding territory in the XIIIth and XIVth century. The structure features a Lombard-Romanesque design, and is bade in blocks of sandstone. Only a few parts are made of bricks, possibly as the result of some past restoration. The prospectus is marked by some protrudring ledges marking the edges of the main nave. The gallery is an improper addiction of the XIX century, while the window was opened in the XVIIth century. The apsidal part, in Lombard style, dates back to the Xith century. The three apses are externally marked by niches and get their light from splay windows. An arched portal with a toothed edge opens on the basilica’s interior. Some pillars, still featuring some traces of frescoes (Cenni di Francesco, XVth century), divide the inner space into three aisles, where the central one features a trussed ceiling and the lateral ones are covered by more recent crossed vaults. The presbytery is on a higher level because of the presence of the crypt, recently explored during some restoration works. The church can be visited only through telephonic reservation.

Principali opere presenti: Crucifixion between Saints, S. Caterina, by Cenni di Francesco

Indirizzo: Via della Pieve - Certaldo
Orario apertura: saturday 4.00 - 6.00 p.m; sunday 8.15 - 12.30 a.m
Ingresso: free entrance
Ingresso ridotto:
Telefono: 0571.667271