Chiesa dei SS. Lorenzo e Leonardo

The Collegiate church, built between the XIIth and XIVth century, was originally dedicated to S. Leonardo. On August 10, 1313, the siege that Arrigo VII had brought to the castle was pushed back. To celebrate this victory, the church, that was used as the Commune’s oratory, was also dedicated to S. Lorenzo, who is celebrated on August 10. In the XVIIIth century, architect Ciurini designed the dome and the extended chorus, without obscuring the original Lombard-Romanesque style still characterizing the building. The brick hangings are decorated with pilasters and crowned with suspended small arches on shelves. A mullioned window with two arches hangs over the portal on the prospectus, while a sculpted cross in red bricks decorates the side entrance, on the right side. The two-stories bell tower stands here; it replaces the original bell tower since early XVIIIth century. As far as the interior decorations are concerned, we will mention the XIVth century Crucifix located over the main altar, made by Giovanni Pisano, and some prized oil canvas by Annibale Gatti (XIXth century). Some Tuscan workers made the fine seats in the chorus during the XVIIth century, carving them from walnut wood. Finally, the Collegiate church hosts an interesting collection of reliquiaries. The visit must be reserved through telephone agreements (0571.686341 PRO of the Commune)

Principali opere presenti: Crucifix, by Giovanni Pisano, XIVth century; Obsequies of S. Verdiana, by Annibale Gatti, XIXth century.

Indirizzo: Piazza del Popolo - Castelfiorentino
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Ingresso: free entrance
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Telefono: 0571.686341