Palazzo Pretorio

The Palace, also called Palazzo del Vicariato, rebuilt in the XVth century, with remarkable frescoes, houses Etruscan, Roman and Mediaeval archaeological findings, removed frescoes, paintings, a rich archive and drawings by modern artists dedicated to Boccaccio and his works.

Principali opere presenti: In the palace and in the nearby church of the Saints Tommaso and Prospero (the oldest, from the early XIIIth century), now unhallowed, are frescoes and sinopie from the XVth e XVIth century, among which, in the room of outlanders, a Madonna with Child enthroned, by Pier Francesco Fiorentino, and, in the church, the rich Tabernacle of the Executed by Benozzo Gozzoli and Giusto D'Andrea.

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