Oratorio di Santa Caterina

The Oratory of Santa Caterina delle Ruote was erected by the Florentine family of Alberti around 1354, not far from the cemetery of Ponte a Ema. Built in rows of limestone, the oratory has a single nave divided into two bays by a cross vault and a small rectangular apse.


The interior contains beautiful frescoes that tell the story of the life of the Princess and martyr, St. Catherine of Alexandria, or of the Wheel, because of the way she was martyred. The frescoes were started around 1360 by the Maestro of Barberino and Pietro Nelli, and were later completed at the wish of Benedetto Alberti by the brilliant artist of late Gothic painting, Spinello Aretino.


The town council of Bagno a Ripoli, which now owns the oratory, began restoration in 1992 due to neglect which had caused serious damage to the architectural structure and works of art. The restoration is now complete and the Oratory of S. Caterina is open to the public.


Translated by Sassica Francis-Bruce

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Indirizzo: Via del Carota - Bagno a Ripoli
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Ingresso: 2,50
Ingresso ridotto: 1,30
Telefono: 055.6390356/7