Like an old heart of red brick, and the antique allure of city’s bulwark showing strong, Certaldo would watch from above as the pilgrims made their way through the city streets.  These surrounding walls capture the medieval charm of this history rich city. The city served many purposes in the 13th and 14th centuries as a place of commerce and residency for inhabitants but was devastated by bombardment in the Second World War and only the castle remains.   Within this ring of fortification the spaces between the brick houses and massive towers is filled by the grid of cobblestone streets.  The city’s colors and emblem, designed under the guidance of Certaldo, decorate the front of the Palazzo Pretorio as well as its entrance.    If visited in the 15th century, the Palazzo Pretorio would have fresh frescoed rooms and beautiful courtyards in addition to a prison for the containment of both men and women in separate cells. 


Just next to the Palazzo, there is the church of S.S. Jacopo e Filippo which was designed to honor the tabernacle of Giustiziati.  Unfortunately, the church was also bombed during the WWII and has since been reconstructed.  However, this church has an interesting twist to its history dating back to the 13th century when it ceased functioning as a place of religious worship and instead was used for art and sculpture of the Robbia family. 


Before you leave the small medieval town, it is important to try the local cuisine. Pro Loco di Certaldo has some notable plates just as every small town has its own specialty. Be sure to try the traditionally prepared pig, the Certaldo onions and mouthwatering bistecca fiorentina.  When you have finished with your first and second plates, the tartufo is the perfect sweet to complement such an incredible meal. 

- march: Sagra del Tartufo marzuolo
- 3 july: Festa del Patrono S. Tommaso
- 23-28 july: Mercantia
- 5 september: Festa del Cocomero
- 13 - 29 september: Sagra della bistecca e del fungo porcino
- september Premio letterario Boccaccio
- september: Corteo storico
- october- Novembre: Boccaccesca, rassegna enogastronomica
- october: Festa delle Zucche
- dicember: Presepe vivente

M. Federica Mazza