Osteria Caffè Italiano
Via Isole delle Stiche 11/13
Telefono: 055.289368
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restaurant in Florence for a light lunch at a special price, for a tasty snack with the best salami and cheese from Tuscany, for the aperitif in the evening and the dinner after the theater. Our food is made of simple recipes, prime ingredients searched with passion in every corner of the region.

Caffè Italiano is divided in 2 parts: Osteria del Caffè Italiano, a typical florentine trattoria, and Pizzeria del Caffè Italiano, the best pizza in Florence (you can order just 3 kinfs of pizza).

Osteria del caffè italiano, restaurant in Florence:

Here some dishes from our winter menu:

Tastings of dressed meats and products preserved in olive oil from tuscan farms
Large platter of tuscan croutons with: soprassata, Colonnata lard, sage-flavoured chicken livers, white cannellini beans, cherry tomatoes with basil
Platter of tuscan cheeses with sweet chutneys
Raw Parma ham
Tripe salad with balsamic vinegar
Pure buffalo mozzarella from Falciano del Massico 250g
Spelt soup with Savoy cabbage
Mixed mushroom and potatoes soup
Borrage purèe with radish
Ribollita “The traditional Florentine vegetables soup”
Beans soup and crunchy pork rind
Lumaconi pasta from Gragnano with lentils purèe and Scamorza cheeses
Mafaldine pasta with wild pork ragout
Ravioli stuffed with pumpkin and black cabbage sauce
Tortelli stuffed with potatoes and pecorino from Pienza, Cinta Senese pork sauce
Oven-cooked lasagne

Large mixed platter of freshly coked vegetables
Mixed platter of vegetable flan with stewed chickory
Aubergines in a parmesan sauce
Lamb leg stuffed with artichokes and fried chop, thyme aroma
Grilled chicken’s breast marinated in rosmary, garlic and lemon with vegetables
Stewed here and crunchy polenta
Joint of beef braised in Chianti Classico with creamed potatoes
Veal lever with onion sauce and broccoli purèe
Choice of mixed boild meats with green sauce, preserves in vinegar,and hot Cremona mustard
Wood fire grilled specialities
Fiorentine steak served with beans, coke green and roast potatoes
Brick roasted Valdarno cockerel with roast potatoes
Pork chop from Casentino country
Grilled or balsamic vinegar flavoured filet of beef

The most original expressions of our cuisine and the best way of discovering them: every day we propose carefully selected dishes from the menù that are closely linked to fiorentine traditions. This menu, based on similar traditional schemes, is designed to aid appreciation of the scents and flavours interpreted by our chef Andrea.

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