EUROPASS - European Study Center
Via Sant'Egidio, 12 - 50122 Firenze
Europass, European Study Center, has a long tradition of teaching Italian.
The Center is located in the historical city center, in a beautiful 19th century national landmark, near the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, and within walking distance from the most important monuments and museums.
Europass European Study Center offers intensive groups and individual Italian language courses, structured into nine levels, according to a wide range of schedules.

It also offers combined courses (group plus individual hours) suitable for those students who want a customized course.
A further important offer is also an Internship Program plus language course, suitable for those who intend to make a working experience abroad.

Europass is attended by students of all ages from all over the world and guarantees a high teaching quality, providing participants with a full assistance during their stay in Florence. Moreover, the Center makes available a reading room, videos, a library, a student room with piano.
Europass courses are accredited in Germany according to the Bildungsurlaub policy.

Classes are formed by 4 to 10 students of different nationalities. The small size of the classes guarantees individual attention and allows Europass to maintain the highest teaching quality.
The teaching method is based on a communicative approach, that enables the student to assimilate linguistic models reproducing situational contexts from the very first day. Therefore, grammatical elements are drawn from practical application, and not vice versa.

This type of learning aims at the parallel development of the four basic linguistic abilities, namely: listening and reading (as part of comprehension), and oral and written expression (as foundations of communication).

At Europass they believe that language is a form of social communication and is never separated from its cultural background, therefore the connection between language and culture is one of the essential objectives of our courses.

The teaching material consists of textbook, cassettes and videos, didactic games, various examples of literature, newspaper or magazine articles and all sorts of authentic material (adverts, train timetables, TV programs, pictures, etc.) used to stimulate collective discussions dealing with issues of common interest and everyday situations.

The teachers are highly qualified and specialized in the teaching of Italianlanguage and culture. Moreover, they have been chosen for their skill to create situations according to the different requirements, to animate the class, and to stimulate the communication.

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