Joconde. From the Mona Lisa to Gioconda naked. Ideal Museum Leonardo da Vinci

Until 6 January 2010 the Museo Ideale Leonardo da Vinci (Vinci, Florence), proposes an exposure and focus on the emblematic figure of the mysterious Mona Lisa. The exhibition presents a journey full of knitters cognitive and analytical works, relics, and also includes original paintings of the sixteenth century., which are displayed for a first time. Will be exposed the "Mona Lisa Naked", a work that was previously attributed to Leonardo, precisely because it repeats the iconographic theme of the Mona Lisa, for the installation and the expression of the figure. The aim of the exhibition is to investigate the origins, the problems of patronage, the 'identity and dating, the work of Leonardo in a work that aims to catalog and compare all cheerful and in the world from 500 today. The event highlights two main areas: the historic and the contemporary.
The historical section investigates the timing and commissions, and presents the version of the Mona Lisa naked. Compares the different versions of "Gioconda of the Louvre" and "Nude Gioconda" and its many places, including art, history and legend. The party runs from contemporary art theft of 1911 up to the protagonists of twentieth century. like Duchamp, Jean Margat and other contemporary artists.

Hours: daily, 10.00 to 19.00